New Dimensions in Sound & Music for

Concert, Film, & Multimedia Productions

Born in northern New Jersey, Kevin Michael Mahonchak began his musical training at the age of ten, studying the keyboard and later guitar. After high school he continued his studies at New York University and completed a degree in music composition and theory, along with further studies in the physical sciences.

He has been associated with various composers over the years including Howard Shore, Leonard Rosenman, and Justin Dello Joio, as well as worked with such orchestras and ensembles including the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Hollywood Studio Symphony, Kronos Quartet, Brooklyn Philharmonic, & the Martha Graham dance company. His work in film includes such credits as “The Game”, “Cop Land”, “The Cell”, “The Score” & the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy (see the Projects page for details).

As a composer/arranger/orchestrator, he has worked with various forms of music over the years including modern classical, rock, jazz fusion and ethnic genres. Fusing together elements of these different styles & musical systems, along with various sound designing procedures, he has developed his own approach to music learning and design, which includes the use of electronic and acoustic instruments ranging from modern electronics to full orchestras (see MusicaVision page for details).