The Third: Series 1
Web Series 2011

director: Emon Hassan

The Cell

New Line Cinema 2000

director: Tarsem Singh

The Raven

Big Apple Short Radio Drama

Festival - WNYE FM 91.5

The Score

Paramount Pictures 2001

director: Frank Oz

Cop Land

Miramax Films 1997

director: James Mangold

The Fellowship of the Ring

New Line Cinema 2001

director: Peter Jackson


Miramax 1999

director: Kevin Smith

Panic Room

Columbia Pictures 2002

director: David Fincher


Miramax 1998

director: David Cronenberg


Columbia Pictures 1998

director: Sidney Lumet

The Return of the King

New Line Cinema 2003

director: Peter Jackson

Crash Concert

National Arts Center Orchestra

Ottawa, Ontario 1998

The Eyes of Truth

Independent Film 1997

director: Joe Ardizzone


Capitol Films 2002

director: David Cronenberg

The Two Towers

New Line Cinema 2002

director: Peter Jackson

Analyze This

Warner Brothers 1999

director: Harold Ramis

Chinese Coffee

Unreleased 1998

director: Al Pacino

High Fidelity

Touchstone Pictures 2000

director: Stepehn Frears

Esther Kahn

Why Not Production 2000

director: Arnaud Desplechin

Suite from Ed Wood

Ensemble Sospeso 2000

(guest: Lydia Kavina)

The Game

Polygram Films 1997

director: David Fincher

The Third: Series 2
Web Series 2012

director: Emon Hassan

The Yards

Miramax Films 2000

director: James Gray